Landscape Architecture:

Nature is probably the first landscape architect and its work is all around us to see. We at Jagadeesh landscape architects bring in the human elements such as knowledge of history and tradition and create a built that strikes a balance with natural environments.

Site Planning:

Our approach to design a site plan starts with studying the natural characteristics and how the human imprint affects the site and based on that we build the framework solutions which eventually show significant impact on the cost of both design and the development.

Concept designing:

We analyse various concepts of the proposed site and formulate a unifying theme with the emphasis on the customer’s interest. Our concept designs set the vision and tone for the project based on the customer’s requirements and explain the concept that inspired us to design your landscape.

Schematic Design:

Most of the ideas that we work on are inspired by the conversation that we have with our clients. The foundation of the design concept for the landscape is conceived and we come up with a schematic design which a formative plan which will be discussed with the client for approval.

Design Development:

Our architects further develop their ideas and work on creating a centre master plan on the approved schematic design. We will develop Auto CAD format of the plan to understand the critical dimensions of the landscape site. During design development, the interaction with the customer and their feedback becomes extremely critical because several concepts like furnishings, lightings, planting preferences etc. will be decided. The elevation plans and the section drawings showing the vertical views of the key features of the landscape will be accomplished.